In this post, I will show how we can use Spring Security with SAML Protocol Binding to integrate with Keycloak Identity Provider. And, if you want to read on how to use Keycloak, you can read here.

What is SAML?

SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language. It’s an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between a service provider (SP) and identity provider (IdP).

Identity Provider — performs authentication and validates user identity for authorization and passes that to Service Provider.

Service Provider — Trusts the identity provider and provides access to the user to service based on authorization.

SAML Authentication Flow

As part…

In this post, I will show how we can integrate Apache Kafka with a Spring Boot application. I will also show how we can send and consume messages from our application.

What is Apache Kafka?

I previously wrote an introductory post about kafka. But if you still don’t know anything about Kafka, then this will be a good summary.

Kafka is a stream processing platform, currently available as open-source software from Apache. Kafka provides low latency ingestion of large amounts of data.

Nevertheless, one key advantage of Kafka is it allows to move large amounts of data and process it in real-time. …

What makes a good Junior Developer? Yes, I will talk about some qualities every junior developer should develop to do better in this role. Now Junior Developer is a broad term, it can include Associate Software Engineers, Software Engineers, or Developers.

Once I was a Junior Developer too. Now I am in a senior role, but that doesn’t take away from me to still be a junior to other Seniors. So, I wish there was some kind of a guide to help junior developers to succeed in their roles.

Qualities that will help you succeed as a Junior Developer

  1. Be open-minded to take up a challenge — One quality I…

In this post, I will show how we can add integration testing in a Spring Boot application.

Integration tests play a key role in ensuring the quality of the application. With a framework like Spring Boot, it is even easier to integrate such tests. Nevertheless, it is important to test applications with integration tests without deploying them to the application server.

Integration tests can help to test the data access layer of your application. Integration tests also help to test multiple units. For the Spring Boot application, we need to run an application in ApplicationContext to be able to run…

In this post, I will show how we can use the annotation @ControllerAdvice — Controller Advice — an exception handler in the Spring Boot application. If you want to read how to handle uncaught exceptions in Spring Boot, you can check my old post.

What is @ControllerAdvice ?

Spring 3.2 introduced an annotation @ControllerAdvice. The annotation allows the handling of exceptions across the application. Before this, Spring offered another annotation @ExceptionHandler for exception handling. But, you have to add this annotation in each controller class of your application. It doesn't help on the application level.

@ControllerAdvice is an annotation-driven interceptor. …

In this post, I will show how we can use the API Gateway pattern with Spring Cloud. With microservice architecture becoming more and more useful, it has become equally complex how to handle calls to the microservices.

The purpose of microservices is to decouple the application into loosely coupled microservices that can interact with clients and with each other easily.

Importantly, the ease of development and deployment make microservices easier to design based on specific needs.

API Gateway Design Pattern

When the enterprise architecture scales, it becomes complicated with the number of microservices. …

In this post, I plan to show an example of Spring Boot Application authentication with AWS Cognito. I will show two flows 1) OIDC Authentication 2) SAML Authentication.

AWS Cognito

AWS Cognito is a web service from AWS. Cognito is a user directory as well as an authentication mechanism service. In the enterprise industry, every application has two requirements from a user perspective.

  1. User Directory and Synchronization
  2. User Authentication

Cognito makes this easier by allowing the creation of a user pool or an identity pool. Once you have a pool, you can configure an application with the various settings for authentication. Another…

In this post, I cover everything you need to know about Spring Data JPA so you can use this library more confidently in your Spring Boot application. I have seen there are a lot of confusion about when to use CrudRepository or JpaRepository, so I will cover that as well.

What is Spring Data JPA?

As the official documentation from Spring says “Spring Data JPA makes it easy to implement JPA based repositories. It improves and eases the implementation of the JPA-based data access layer. Overall, data access applications are easier to implement.”

With Spring Data JPA, one can avoid a lot of boilerplate code…

In this post, I will show how we can achieve the conversion of entity to DTO using the ModelMapper library. We will basically create a simple REST API for orders while showing the transformation of Entity to DTO and vice versa.

Understanding Enterprise Architecture

In most enterprise architecture, you will have REST APIs. A consumer of these APIs sends a request and the server responds with a response. The transformation of request to response happens behind the API. You perform business logic and modify these objects.

Traditionally, there are three layers in the architecture. Web layer, business layer, and database layer.

So, your…

In this post, I will show the comparison of the two retries — Spring Retry vs Resilience4j Retry. Usually, you can combine retry with a circuit breaker when implementing to make your application more robust. I already covered the circuit breaker demo. Also, I have updated my book Simplifying Spring Security with Okta Demo if you are interested to learn more about Spring Security.

Spring Retry vs Resilience4j Retry

Spring Retry allows applications to retry a failed operation automatically. In most cases, if your service is calling another service and another service is not responding for some reason, you can use Spring Retry to retry…

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