Simplifying Spring Security

Why I wrote this book?

Simplifying Spring Security

What do I cover?

  • Introduction
  • What is Spring Security?
  • How Spring Security fits in with Spring Boot Application?
  • Why you need Spring Security?
  • Authentication
  • What is authentication?
  • Authentication Architecture
  • Types of Authentication
  • Implementation of Different Flows
  • Authorization
  • What is authorization?
  • How does Spring Security handle authorization?
  • What are GrantedAuthorities?
  • Implementation of Authorization in an application
  • Protection against common exploits
  • Introduction
  • Transport Layer Security
  • Security HTTP Response Headers
  • Clickjacking Attack
  • Cross-site Request Forgery Attack (CSRF)
  • Miscellaneous

Why should you buy this book?




Software Developer, Writer

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Yogesh Mali

Yogesh Mali

Software Developer, Writer

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